Environmental Design

Environmental design and immersive design is changing the way design is practiced.

Design is now centered around the use of virtual mock-ups and the ability to augment environments in real-time. We call this new process “Environmental Design.” By integrating 3D-rendered animations, augmented reality (AR), and immersive virtual reality (VR) into the design process, the experience has been completely transformed.

Gone are the days when ideas get lost in translation. Environmental Design gives stakeholders the ability to completely immerse themselves in the design vision. They not only see how their environment will look, but they can also see how custom displays, fabricated fixtures, and signage can impact the environment. We can now place a client inside their vision and give them the opportunity not only to see how it looks, but to experience how it feels.

From initial ideation through final stages of implementation, we are able to facilitate and accelerate the decision-making process. Every participant in the process can now speak the same language, see the same picture, and ultimately deliver a higher-quality product.

CAD Display Design

We can help bring your display ideas to life.

Maybe you need a custom display that differentiates your company from the competition. Or perhaps there are space planning or dimensional preconditions that a standard display can’t fulfill. Our goal is to fabricate a solution that will exceed your expectations. But we do more than just fabricate—we collaborate with you to develop concepts, provide design options, build prototypes, and produce the final components, providing a start-to-finish fabrication solution.

Our expertise goes beyond the design and production. Our team considers fulfillment and transportation logistics throughout the entire fabrication process, because we know that proper packing and shipping will ensure your displays arrive on-time, unharmed, and ready to use. And we’ll provide video animations to reduce the complexity of communicating instructions, which will speed-up the assembly/set-up process.


Our primary objective is to provide solutions that fulfill your need.

We have a wide array of turn-key packaging solutions that are ready for your brand message and product. We can create almost any type of custom package, so if you don’t see what you need on our site, simply request a custom quote, and we’ll make a prototype for you.

Our custom packaging design process makes it easy for you to add your brand messaging for a unique customer experience. Ready to grab your audience’s attention with custom packaging? Just talk to our team. Together we’ll find the best solution for the challenges you’re facing.