General Questions

What types of printing services do you offer?

Point of purchase and point of sale displays, window displays, banners, backlit displays, wall and floor graphics, trade show graphics, outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, museum graphics, corporate lobbies, building wraps, sporting arenas, and public venues. If it visually projects your brand, or markets your products we can help.

Do you offer installation Services?

Yes, we do. We act as a general contractor, contracting and overseeing your installation projects. We have a list of trusted partners that specialize in particular applications. From retail spaces, sporting arenas, and corporate lobbies, to vehicles, we will manage your installations to our standards.

Do you offer shipping or distribution services?

Yes, we do. In fact, it is the core of our business. We were a kitting and distribution company before we were a printer. We can print, kit, distribute your needs under one roof with precision. We can also support your programs with online digital storefronts and inventoried goods or just in time print.

Why should I do business with you?

Perhaps the best question ever. Because we care. We genuinely want to help you fulfill your mission. If that mission is to grow business or to develop a greater sense of awareness around something, we are here to help.

How do I contact someone in Sales?

You can use the request a quote form here and a sales person will be assigned based on the nature of the work. Or you can email our sales team at sales@ingramexpress.com.

Job-related questions

What types of material do you print on and how do I determine what is best for me?

Our presses use UV ink technology. That technology allows us the flexibility to print on a wider verity of substrates than any other technology available. We are only limited by size. We can print on material up to 2 inches thick, and up to 126 inches wide. Over time the needs of the market have narrowed the scope of material generally used. Those decisions are driven by applications, budget and expected longevity. Our consultative Sales team will make sure that you have the most cost-effective solution that meets your expectations.

How wide is wide format?

Many times, the answer to this question is driven by the substrate or material being used. Our equipment is capable of printing up to 126 inches in width with the length determined by the material. The 126 inch width can be extended by joining panels of the material used.

Can you cut out special shapes?

Yes, we can. Our CAD cutters and routers can cut shapes from most materials including Aluminum and Acrylics.

Do you have a standard turn time for jobs?

Generally speaking proofs can be generated from print ready files in 1 day. If your files are not print ready we will be happy to help, but it may add a day to the proofing cycle. Completion dates will always depend on the scope of the work. Your job may require special fabrication that will add time. Or it could be shear volume. We will always communicate realistic turn times and do what we can to meet your needs.

Do you offer in-house finishing services?

Yes, we do. We weld, grommet, and create pole pockets for banners in-house. We mount and die cut in house. We fabricate dimensional signage and retail displays in-house.

What options do I have for wall murals?

Depending on your needs there are three good options: Custom Wallpaper, Pressure Sensitive Vinyl, or Magnetics. Custom wallpaper is a more permanent feature that requires a smooth surface. PSA vinyls are more affordable and cover a greater range of surfaces including coarse surfaces. Magnetics are a great solution for graphics that need to change often. All three solutions are need driven.

How long can we expect the inks to last?

All of our printers apply UV inks. UV inks are better suited for outdoors and will last up to 5 years before fading. You can expect inside graphics to last 7+ years if not in direct sunlight. Lamination does aid in fade resistance.

Do you offer lamination?

Yes, we do. If your project requires lamination, we do that in a wide verity of finishes, including dry erase and UL rated floor laminates.

File Preparation Questions

What size file do I need for printing?

It depends on the size and viewing distance of the graphic. Generally speaking, 100 dpi at the final size will result in a quality graphic.

How do I send you my files?

We can take your files on most media. The easiest way is to drop them at:

Can you print from a PDF?

Yes, we can. If your files are print ready. We can only make global color corrections to flat PDF’s. If Pantone colors are specified in the file and they are critical we will need layered PDF’s with the fonts converted to outlines.

What color space should I be working in?

CMYK. We can work in RGB or CMYK. When color is critical CMYK will render better results. See our file submission guidelines here: www.filespecs.com (create file specs page from attached).

What is the resolution of your printers?

Up to 1200 dpi.